Rayan Alkhelaiwi

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia · +966 555922284 · rayan@hey.com

Senior Software Engineer. Focused on building scalable and optimized Web Apps, and delivering value and impact.


Senior Software Engineer

  • Design and develop features for the business portal's backend system of Mrsool for Business
  • Optimize internal services, databases, and API endpoints to scale better with business growth
  • Support writing tests for the backend system to ensure adapting BDD & TDD principles
August 2021 - Current

Software Engineer

Communication and Information Technology Commission (CITC)
  • Designed and developed helping tools and features for CS&DG's Internet Filtering management system
  • Supported testing of management backend system to ensure continuous delivery for operators
  • Managed and maintained management system codebase, documentation, and associated tools
October 2017 - July 2021

Service Engineer

  • Developed, installed, and repaired processes of systems' tools and scripts
  • Refactored and maintained systems' scripts used by field specialists and operators
  • Coordinated continuous improvement initiatives in processes related to product development
August 2017 - September 2017


North Carolina A&T State University

Bachelor of Science

Computer Engineering

January 2012 - December 2016

University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Interlink Language Center

English as a Second Language

October 2010 - December 2011


Mrsool for Business Portal

It powers the partners' portal with catalog and order processing using Ruby, Rails, MySQL, RSpec, Sidekiq, VueJS (Contributing)

Web App

URL Bookmark API

A RESTful API that provides ability to bookmark URLs to save and visit


Github User Grabber

It fetches GitHub's user profile information, via user handler, using GitHub API

React Native App

URL on Proxy Validator

It validates the status of URLs on DSPs' proxies for Internet Filtering using Python, Flask, MySQL and Bootstrap (Revamp)

Web App

Trello-Like Todo List

It displays user items in a todo section and be moved to complete section when marked done

Web App

Search Engine Dynamic Scraper

It fetches info from dynamic web-pages using Python, Flask, BeautifulSoup and Selenium

Web App

Personal Website

Hurray! You already checking it out. As you can see, it's a digital resume to showcase my professional identity


QR Code Scanner

It uses ZXing Library to scan QR Codes, display the results using Crouton library and copy them into the system's clipboard

Android App

The Guardian News Fetcher

It uses The Guardians API to fetch headline news based on user’s search

Android App

More Projects on GitHub

Visit my GitHub account for the complete portfolio



Programming Languages & Tools
Soft Skills
  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Problem Solving
  • Detail Oriented
  • Time Management


  • Full Stack Web Development Nanodegree, Udacity · 2020   Visit
  • Front-End Web Development, General Assembly · 2019   Visit
  • Flutter Study Jam by Google Developers Group, Google · 2019   Visit
  • Android Development Basics Nanodegree by Google, Udacity · 2017   Visit
  • Gifted Students Bootcamp in Electronics & Technology by Mawhiba, KACST · 2007   Visit


Apart from development, I enjoy most of my time being outdoors. When indoors, I love reading, watching movies & series, and video-gaming; Additionally, I spend a considerate amount of my free time exploring the latest technolgy advancements and best practices in the Software Engineering world.